About Us

The GATS objective is to formulate service/installation programs that effectively meet the requirements of our valued customers, and ultimately their end-users.  The GATS Management Team has extensive knowledge market expertise that will surpass any of our competitors. We offer various service offerings to choose from or you can choose a completely customized service program. Our custom service program will fit your particular situation. Seeking the best POS hardware solutions, leading retailers depend on GATS to optimize current legacy equipment or efficiently replace entire systems. Whether your retail business needs fully integrated or distributed point-of-service hardware, GATS� POS know-how provides the right solution every time.


GATS is a provider of first-class customer service and support. In addition, we sell, integrate, and upgrade products for a wide variety of systems, and GATS provides services to companies of all sizes. Below is a short list of some of the industries GATS covers.

�        Government and State Agencies

�        Retail

�        Banking

�        Education

�        Restaurants/ Fast Food

�        Kiosks

GATS offers a variety of services, and has partnered with various national and regional service providers. Below are some of our primary services:

·        Site Prep/ Site Survey Services/ Installation/ Onsite Services

o       Before GATS arrives on site to perform installation Gats will take as many steps needed in order to ensure that the site is ready for installation. Some steps included, but are not limited to, conducting a site survey to review the site and determine the required work to prepare the site for installation. The outcome of the site survey will be reported to the customer. During the Installation one of our skilled technicians will be on site to perform all work needed on site, and assure that everything is running well. If at any time a customer needs onsite service we will gladly send a technician to the site to take an appropriate ongoing service plan.

·        Consulting/ Project Planning & Management/Support

o       GATS will help the customer evaluate and recommend the best solution for the application. GATS will provide the customer with its expertise and plan the project in the most appropriate manner. GATS can also provide phone and e-mail support during the course of any project. We will try to resolve any problems that are presented during any project. We will make sure that the project will be completed to the satisfaction of the customer.

·        Project and Field Management

o       GATS skilled project and field coordinators will assure that the project is completely in the best manner possible. Our vast variety of journeymen electricians, technicians, and apprentices will work together on the job to ensure than the project is well-completed. Due to the skill of all of our employees GATS can assure the customer than the project will be completed in the most excellent manner.

·        Nationwide Roll-Outs

o       No matter the size of a customer projects GATS will accommodate and take all necessary steps to complete the project. GATS has the experience to complete any size projects offered.

·        Logistical Services

o       GATS can handle and services that involves inventory, shipping to sites, and picking up and returning services. We will try to help you, the customer, with any means necessary.

·        Infrastructure Cabling

o       Cat5e, Cat6, Coaxial, Video, Security, and Fiber Optics

o       Electrical, including low voltage cabling, and

o       Digital Signage.